Karine Reuter

Helping highly sensitive people

and empaths to release old

patterns, heal, and transform.

On the outside, it looks like you've got everything together. But on the inside, you know something is missing. Anxiety has crept in, and at times, depression and overwhelm. 

Sound familiar?


Hi. I'm Karine Reuter, and I too looked like I had it all together. 

Bonjour, I’m Karine!

Growing up, like most people of my generation, I followed the traditional path that was supposed to make me happy. After graduating from high school, I studied Business Development & Marketing in Paris, France. I was supposed to work for prestigious companies.


I was supposed to be a good employee, work hard, earn a high salary and climb the corporate ladder. I was supposed to make my parents proud, have a big group of friends and find happiness in material possessions.


I was supposed to get married and have children before 30. I was supposed to fit in. Sound familiar? 

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However, my life chose a different path. 

After working in the business development field for five years in Sydney, with growing feelings of

emptiness, confusion, high emotions, despair - and still no happiness - I made a bold decision. I acknowledged that my happiness was never going to stem from following this path and I knew I

needed to change something. 

During a journey of self-development, I discovered that like 20% of the population, I’m what you

would call a “Highly Sensitive Person or Empath”.

This was THE turning point for me. I finally understood


why I had always felt like an outsider and why I had heightened emotions and sensitivity. I realised that my natural skills were to nurture, heal, uplift, teach and guide others – miles away from the type of job I was doing.

After this discovery and awakening, I decided to follow my heart and intuition and reorient myself on a meaningful path. The last few years have been a beautiful journey of inner work, healing, self-love, empowerment and learning new skills that transformed my life on many levels. 

While working full-time, I went back to study and with sheer determination; I was awarded my Life Coaching & NLP Certifications. After a few years of practice, I realised that “traditional coaching” wasn’t adapted to sensitive people, something was missing and other criteria needed to be incorporated into the coaching sessions for optimal results.

So what did I do?


I went back to study, again! This time I focused specifically on the study of emotions and energetic healing. Ten years ago, I never would have envisioned myself enrolling in this type of course but this turned out to be the missing piece of the puzzle that today, helps my clients on all levels – mind, body and spirit.

The bottom line is, I’m just like you - a normal girl who once was quite unhappy, had strong emotions and a high level of sensitivity, made some major decisions to change her life and now cannot picture it any other way. You can do it too. Let me help you.

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My Specializations

My personal experiences with healing and life coaching combined with professional certifications have led me to combine three unique therapies, the pathway to transformation. Clients can select the therapy they feel most drawn to, or seek my advice on what is right for them. 

Each service heals it's specific areas.

Click the individual service to find out more, or to book a session.

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How Clients Say I've Helped

“For five years, I was suffering from depression and despite seeing many traditional practitioners, I was going around in circles. From our first session, Karine “got me” immediately. She understood my sensitivity and knew what to work on. I’m so grateful for Karine’s help, I’m in a much better place now. This program has been life-changing for me, not only has it helped me cope with depression but with all areas of my life.”


- Jim

Life Coaching Program

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Discover what works best for you.

Not sure whether you're ready for life coaching, emotional healing, or a combination of both? In this complimentary discovery call,  you'll uncover just what's standing between you and your goals - whether it's emotion, mindset, or something else.


I'll ensure you come away feeling more empowered than before our call, and help point you in the direction that's right for you.


" It takes a special type of person to show genuine empathy and kindness, to understand the needs of others.
You've already got the gift.
Now it's time to to heal, and step into who you are meant to be."