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More About Me

About My Calling 

Throughout my journey, I realised that there is a reason why some people are born with heightened levels of emotion and sensitivity. I want to help fellow empaths tap into their full potential by teaching them that sensitivity truly is a gift. 

As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Emotional Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Energetic Health Practitioner, I’m here to assist those who are feeling lost, stuck-in-a-rut, have heightened emotions, related health issues and are ready for a BIG change in their life. 

I have a passion to help sensitive men and women experience a transformational journey on every level - mind, body, spirit and emotions.


Fun Facts About Me

○ Everyone calls me Karine (haven’t found a nickname yet. I mean there aren’t many nicknames I can use, right?).

○ What I love the most is personal development, growth, nature, strolls on the beach, bush walks, sunrise, yoga, travelling and a cup of soy chai latte.


○ I am a Highly Sensitive Person and Empath and until this amazing discovery, I was struggling with emotions, friendships, work and life in general.

○ I speak French and English fluently and a little bit of Spanish. Bonjour! Hola!

○ In 2012 I left my family and friends and embarked on a new chapter in Sydney, moving here with no money, no job experience and a very poor level of English.

○ I’m a rebel at heart, always taking risks and willing to do things a little differently to others.

○ In 2016 I became vegan to align with some of my top life values including kindness, health and creating a better world.

○ I am fascinated by everything holistic and spiritual and am constantly striving to expand my consciousness.

○ I’m a minimalist and value experiences and authentic connections over materialism.


○ On nights out, you’ll find me on the dance floor all night long, with no alcohol!

○ I’m scared of jellyfish (especially blue bottles) and rarely swim in the ocean.

○ My favourite breakfast is avocado on soy and linseed sourdough with a cup of soy chai latte.

About My Credentials

I can talk the talk AND I’m good on paper. 

Let’s start with the “mind side”. I am a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, which include Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy and am also a member of the International Coach Federation. 

On the “energetic side”, I am a certified Energetic Health Practitioner, which includes certificates in E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) 1 and 2 Certificates, The Meridians System Certificate and the Chakra System Certificate

Energetic Health is a complementary therapy, treating the root cause of health issues, not just symptoms.


What I'm saying here is, that I’m just like you - a normal girl who once was quite unhappy, had strong emotions and a high level of sensitivity, made some major decisions to change her life and now cannot picture it any other way. You can do it too.


Interested to find out how I can help you too?


Let me help you discover which healing path is right for you on a 20 minute, obligation free discovery call to help guide you in the right direction.