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Energetic Health is a thousand-year-old practice that has proven to be true and effective, thanks to quantum physics and the findings of modern science.

The insight of energetic health is that a human body is composed of energy fields and that it is all connected and corresponds to the universe. Yes, we may experience pain physically, however, natural healers believe that health problems only start when the flow of energy is blocked.

Energy blockage can result in inner imbalances and can manifest like physical or emotional trauma, anxiety, negativity, and even create unhealthy relationship with others.

In order to achieve inner balance, one must first undergo energy healing. Energy healing releases gentle but powerful energy which is transferred through healing touch.

In 2015, popular Australian energy healer Charlie Goldsmith volunteered on a scientific study to know the success rate of the energy healing. He treated 50 patients that experienced chronic pain and achieved a 76% success rate. The study was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

There are many techniques for energetic health and each one has its own benefits, realigning and restabilising the body and energetic system. Techniques I use according to clients specific needs are;

  • Chakra & meridian clearing and balancing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Gentle Acupuncture  

  • Techniques and healing work that can be done by you at home at your convenience


Chakra alignment which can make a person calm and stable, and other benefits include deep relaxation, tension release, and stress reduction. It can also trigger the body’s natural healing abilities. In general, an energetic health session promotes a healthier lifestyle, achieves mind and body balance, and spiritual healing.

Energy healing can assist in relieving symptoms related to anxiety and stress, clarity and focus, concentration, confidence, depression, fatigue, headaches, poor memory function and many other chronic issues within today's society.


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